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Nova: Saving Venice

The PBS show Nova centered on Venice this week in a show titled Saving Venice, exploring Mose and other ways that Venice is attempting to protect the city from high water. I learned some new things, getting to see just … Continue reading

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Venetian Emoji #15

Okay, I’m stumped by this one. What’s going on here? What emotion is this emoji showing? Or what character does this one remind you of?

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In Casanova’s Footsteps: Rome–Palazzo Ottoboni-Fiano

This is the site of the Palazzo Ottoboni-Fiano, at the Piazza di San Lorenzo in Lucina address #4, which Casanova visited in 1770. He had received a letter of introduction written by the Venetian nobleman Signor Zulian to his sister, … Continue reading

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Street Art / Venetian Stylin’ #10

I found this series in the Santa Croce neighborhood, near Rio Marin. There was another that I didn’t capture, which had a euro sign, and I bet there were others that I didn’t pass by. If anyone sees more, please … Continue reading

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The Narrow Streets of Venice

I walk around Venice so much that I often don’t think about how narrow some streets are. But on a walk this June I was struck by how narrow this street really was. Look at how this man’s shoulders nearly … Continue reading

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Gondola Stuff: Metal Bracket

What is this–some kind of metal hinge or bracket? No, it’s a gondola! These handmade gems, along with many other items made from bits of flotsam, were in the window of the shop across from the apartment where I stayed … Continue reading

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Amazon Day in Venice

This is what it looks like when the Gray Santa (this would be the Amazon truck at my house) arrives in Venice. No truck. Boat instead. And fondamenta.

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Admonishment 2

You’ve been warned!

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Real Life or Art?

These chairs were outside one of the Arsenale Biennale venues. I contend that they were more artistic than some of the art on display.

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Street Art / Venetian Stylin’ #9

Saw these near Campo San Francesco della Vigna. My first reaction was to think “how untraditional and un-Venetian” but then I quickly changed my thinking. Venice is in peril. It needs its young people and new ways of living and … Continue reading

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