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Hot off the Presses!

Get your copy now! My latest book, A Beautiful Woman in Venice, arrived today on my back porch! That’s me sitting on 15 boxes of them. Today is its official birthday! After roughly two years of work, 250 sources, and … Continue reading

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Square of the Dead

Venice is built amidst the water, on pilings. There is no subterranean Venice (except for a very few crypts). It famously floods. So what did residents do with their dead? Most people know that there is now the cemetery island … Continue reading

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Gratification and Gratitude

One of the most gratifying things about writing is hearing what others think about my work. And when people┬átake the time to write an actual book review, I am so grateful that they not only had lovely things to say, … Continue reading

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Don’t Eat These; Eat Those

I’ve always loved these Venetian windows. Last summer I took a bunch of photos from inside looking outside. Thought you might enjoy them too. Some of these were from inside the Museo Correr and the Bibiloteca Marciana, though I don’t … Continue reading

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Quattro Minuti con Casanova: Sant’Iseppo

On Ughi’s 1729 map, you can see the Church of Sant’Iseppo. Behind it are various gardens that no longer exist. This is now a working class neighborhood where many Venetians live. (Image from Today’s Casanova story took place in … Continue reading

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