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Street Art / Venetian Stylin’ #9

Saw these near Campo San Francesco della Vigna. My first reaction was to think “how untraditional and un-Venetian” but then I quickly changed my thinking. Venice is in peril. It needs its young people and new ways of living and … Continue reading

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Real Life or Art?

I saw this poster in the Arsenale section of the Biennale. Is it a real ad or art or a hoax? In any case, it was pretty funny!

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I’m Being a Lookie-loo Again!

In case you are not familiar with this American term, a “lookie-loo” is a person who likes to check out other people’s property, like walking through an open house that is for sale. A lookie-loo usually doesn’t intend to buy–they … Continue reading

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Venice from the Air

I was lucky enough to have a window seat on the left side of the plane as I departed Venice. What a shot!

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Micro Mosaics: Who Knew?

I love being astonished by new things, and that happened on my latest trip to Venice. I visited Antichit√† al Ghetto, the antique store run by Maria Gabriella Emiliani and her parents. Maria Gabriella authored a chapter for Venice Rising … Continue reading

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Daytime Nighttime

Two views of the sculpture outside San Giovanni Evangelista this summer. This sculpture, titled “The Sun,” is by Ugo Rondinone. Click here if you want to read more about the artist and his work. Rondinone’s other works are inside the … Continue reading

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Venetian Emoji #14

Another version of the hangover emoji. Still laying in bed. One eye open. Mouth is dry. Where is the drool?

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Gondola Stuff: Glass Mosaic

I’ve added new gondola-themed items to my collection! Luckily they were small and fit easily into my suitcase (and onto the shelf which is getting increasingly crowded with gondolas, like Bacino d’Orseolo at the end of the day). I was … Continue reading

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Street Art / Venetian Stylin’ #7

Interesting use of damaged plaster.

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Admonishment 1

If the dog is yours, this is also yours. Respect the city! You’ve been warned! hihi!

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