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Where Am I?

Can you tell me where I was when I took this picture?

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Quattro Minuti con Casanova: Ponte Bernardo

A couple months ago I had a special request from a Quattro Minuti viewer–Did I know the story of Casanova’s encounter with Razzetta? Did I have a video for this site? At that time I did not, but I kept … Continue reading

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Hanging Out with the Grape Stompers

Come join me at the Italian American Family Festa next Saturday, 8/29, at Guadalupe River Park in the Little Italy neighborhood of San Jose. There will be wine and song and food, plus…me! I’ll be making a presentation about my … Continue reading

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Haver and Griest and Risamante and Meandra

Yesterday, two American women graduated from the Army’s ranger school, the first to ever do so. Kristen Griest and Shaye Haver proved that they can meet the same tough requirements as the men who apply, and they have the strength, … Continue reading

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Random Venice Journal Entry #3

This is part of a very sporadic series, where I post a random journal entry from a previous trip to Venice. This one is from Carnevale, over ten years ago, when I went with a group of friends and we … Continue reading

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The Relaxing Trees

Ah, Nature! Relaxing under the trees, contemplating their softly fluttering leaves, watching them slide across the ground…. Wait, what??! Okay, first off, Venice has a dearth of trees. So why am I talking about trees in a post on Venice? … Continue reading

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Baptism at Santa Sofia

If you’ve spent more than a day in Venice, you’ve probably walked down the busy Strada Nova in the Cannaregio district, starting at Campo SS Apostoli and heading towards the train station. You may have glanced at purses or the … Continue reading

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Gondola Sightings

Gondolas show up in expected and not-so-expected places. In May I was in New Orleans and saw this in City Park: The poor dear had its ferro amputated so it can fit under the bridges. No convenient tides like Venice … Continue reading

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