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A Little Italy in San Jose

Join us in celebrating Italian heritage at the Little Italy event in San Jose’s Little Italy neighborhood. Didn’t know there was such a neighborhood? Well, this is the perfect time to come on by and check it out with a … Continue reading

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Gondola Stuff: Felt Felze

New entry in my occasional series where I show off my gondola stuff. This is an antique gondola made of velvet and other materials. I bought it about 15 years ago at a flea market in Santa Cruz, California. The … Continue reading

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My Marco Polo plaque successfully traveled to its destination. My friends Carol and Linda were in Venice last week and delivered my creation to  Carrion Gallery on Giudecca. Here’s Manuel Carrion holding my square. Now the square will become part … Continue reading

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Quattro Minuti con Casanova: The Casino

Americans think of a casino as a place to go gambling. During Casanova’s 18th century, a casino was a small casa, the sort of pleasure apartment that they brought their friends or lover to. Wealthy nobles often had casini where … Continue reading

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Sounds like “Opa!” right? But it’s the name of a restaurant. Check out this gem in the Campo di Gheto Novo. I haven’t eaten a meal there, only had drinks and snacks, but I wanted to share it today for … Continue reading

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Sailing the Oakland Seas

I recently enjoyed a gondola ride on Lake Merritt in Oakland, California. Torin, our gondolier, sang to us and regaled us with Oakland history. For example, did you know that Walt Disney gathered ideas for his iconic theme park by visiting … Continue reading

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