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Quattro Minuti con Casanova: San Samuele

Casanova’s earliest origins–San Samuele is the church where his parents were married, where Casanova was baptized, and where he gave his first one and a half sermons. Watch this video to get the full story of what he found in … Continue reading

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Random Journal Entry #5

Here is one in a very occasional series where I type up one of my journal entries from when I was in Venice. This is from last summer, a Saturday in July when I apparently didn’t know what the date … Continue reading

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Where Am I?

Can you name the actual building I was in when I took this picture? If you can do that, can you also guess why I was in that building? I’ll give you a hint: it was last July 2014.

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Acqua Alta, Acqua Viva?

You may have noticed the new banner I posted. It shows a number of bottles on a shelf, one of which contains water from the historically high acqua alta in December 2008. This cafe bottled some and stuck it up … Continue reading

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The Floating City Misnomer

A friend recently lent me Dan Brown’s Inferno, saying, “Lots of it is set in Venice!” So I had to read it. It took a few hundred pages for the protagonist Robert Langdon to get himself to Venice, but he … Continue reading

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