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Free Gondola Ride

Free Gondola Ride, the first book I published, is ready to be re-energized, vivified, enlivened, and freshened up. (Guess who had fun with the thesaurus?) So here’s the new website–check it out: That hunk on the homepage is Franco, … Continue reading

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Confetti Belly

Carnevale in Venice has many pleasures (and a few pains), but one of my favorites is the confetti. At my first Carnevale, I was attacked in the street by a group of firemen with inflatable mallets (or was it the … Continue reading

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A friend recently wrote to me asking about Marco Polo’s house. Apparently, there is a lot of information (and possibly misinformation) about what is left of the Polo family house in Venice. I’m writing from my home in California, so … Continue reading

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Quattro Minuti con Casanova–Palazzo Grimani

Ready for another four minutes of history? Not the boring history mouldering away in textbooks from before the Common Core Standards, but the kind of history that comes alive! Casanova frequented the Palazzo Grimani as a kid and as an … Continue reading

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