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Sharing: “Like Walking on Water”

Check out this great pair of kicks, Venetian styling! (For those who don’t hang around teens and shoe aficionados, “kicks” refers to shoes.) I’m sharing this blog post from VeneziaBlog, featuring these amazing gondola-inspired shoes designed by Rolando Segalin and … Continue reading

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Happy Anniversary, Venice Rising!

One year ago this week, I agreed to Rosemary Wilmot’s idea to create the book that became Venice Rising: Aqua Granda, Pandemic, Rebirth. She and I had met via email because of Venice blog posts that brought us together and … Continue reading

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More Puzzle Therapy #7: Fin!

All done! If it weren’t for the gondola and maybe the bridge, I’m not sure you would know this was Venice. It’s a beautiful scene but not quite accurate. But it was a fun and very satisfying puzzle to complete!

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The Impiraresse Gain Recognition!

Venice’s glass beads, bead makers, and the women who strung and worked with these beads have achieved worldwide recognition: They have been granted status by UNESCO as an “Intangible Cultural Heritage.” Read here about the history of these beads and … Continue reading

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More Puzzle Therapy #6

Almost done! I finished up the rando pieces and the buildings on the back street. What a colorful scene! Makes me want to grab a glass of wine, sit down at one of those tables, and wait for my gondola … Continue reading

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