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Summer Sagra: San Francesco della Vigna

Last January, when I booked my June trip to Venice, I couldn’t yet find the summer sagra schedule. These are the local parish festivals that usually feature food, drink, sometimes live music, a mercatino where locals sell goods, and sometimes … Continue reading

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Molecules / Molecole

I heard about this film Molecole (Molecules) about Venice as the pandemic began. It’s streaming for free (in the US) until Sunday evening, hosted by the Istituto Italiano di Cultura in Washington DC. I hope you get a chance to … Continue reading

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Autumn With An Author: Kathleen Gonzalez

Originally posted on Valentina Expressions:
I have loved Venice since the beginning of my time, in fact, with all the lives I lived, I know to have been there in the 1700s, therefore anyone who writes about Venice becomes my…

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Intervista con Kathleen Anne Gonzalez

Originally posted on Diario di un operatore museale:
For the english translation please scroll down the page, thank you ! La Dott.ssa Kathleen Anne Gonzalez √® uno dei miei contatti professionali che ho conosciuto di recente. Stavo leggendo un libro…

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Venetian Emoji 10

I was trying to come up with a clever explanation for this emoji, but I’m not that clever! You are more clever than I! Please suggest what emotion or reaction this emoji expresses.

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More Puzzle Therapy #7: Fin!

All done! If it weren’t for the gondola and maybe the bridge, I’m not sure you would know this was Venice. It’s a beautiful scene but not quite accurate. But it was a fun and very satisfying puzzle to complete!

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In Casanova’s Footsteps: Rome–The Church of Trinit√† dei Monti

“At seventeen or eighteen years of age, Mariuccia was tall, had a very good carriage, and seemed carved by the chisel of Praxiteles. She was fair, but her fairness was not that of a blonde, which with its unrelieved brilliance … Continue reading

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Big Brother in Venice

It’s nothing new in Venice to learn that someone is watching your moves. The State Inquisition did it for ages, with residents often denouncing their neighbors. Well, now Venice has the 21st century version, a system that tracks the whereabouts … Continue reading

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In Casanova’s Footsteps: Rome–Momolo’s House, Via Gregoriana 36

In Vol. 12 of History of My Life, Casanova tells us that he is visited by Mariuccia, whom he had met at the house of the Abate Momolo back in 1760, which story is recounted in Vol. 7. It is … Continue reading

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Puzzle (4)

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