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Street Art / Venetian Stylin’ #12

Yet another series of street art images. I posted one previously, then came across more on my 2022 trip. There was another that was very badly damaged. Have you seen others? Please share photos and I’ll post them. Can you … Continue reading

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In the News: Casanova the Navy Sheriff

Here’s the newest headline in my series of the name “Casanova” showing up in a Google search: “Ventura County gets new ‘Navy Sheriff’” Usually, Casanova is a last name, but here it’s a first name. Lt. Casanova Love has taken … Continue reading

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View Through (8)

Last one in this series! I bet you didn’t think I’d have so many views through. I was on a bit of a jag. And there are actually a few more I didn’t post!

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Glass Walls Do Not a Prison Make

Just sharing some interesting news about Venice’s latest efforts to combat the acqua alta. I saw them working around the Basilica last June but never asked what was going on. Well, this is the result! And it seems to be … Continue reading

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In the News: Ima Casanova

This is someone’s name. No, I didn’t make it up, though it sounds like something a adolescent boy might come up with. Here’s the headline and the link to the short article about gold valuations. The real news is the … Continue reading

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