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Quattro Minuti con Casanova–Palazzo Businello Giustiniani

Ah, the infamous story of the aroph! What’s an aroph, you ask? Here’s what Wictionary says: (the word was not in my other dictionary!) Etymology: Contraction of aroma philosophorum, from Latin. Noun: aroph (uncountable) (chemistry, obsolete) Any of various medical remedies. Casanova concocted an aroph to help a frantic … Continue reading

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A Venetian Original

Originally posted on seductivevenice:
Last year I got to meet a unique Venetian character: Fiora Gandolfi Herrera. Now in her seventies, Fiora has lived an international life, was married to a soccer star, but now lives in her Venetian palace.…

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The Possibilities of Soap

Doesn’t your imagination go all sorts of lovely places when you think of Casanova soap? My friend Marco gave me this bar of soap, from Penzion Casanova in Duchcov, Czechoslovakia (when that was still a country). How did Marco resist … Continue reading

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Made in Venice

My friend Laura just gave me this great t-shirt: She picked it out because it marries aspects of who I am–my Latina half (dad’s side of the family) and my love for Venice. And it’s super comfy! Can you guess … Continue reading

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