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Where Am I?

Do you know which building I am in, in Venice? Here are two more photos that I took inside, last summer.

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Race Number Five

May 25, 1784, Maria Boscola won big–her fifth regatta win in a span of forty years. Women had raced in regattas (boat races) since 1493. An island community like Venice, where every nonna knew how to row a boat, allowed … Continue reading

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494 Years Ago!

Pirates sail the seas in rigged ships. But on the island of Murano, just north of Venice, rigged ships may be made of glass. On May 22, 1521, Hermonia Vivarini was granted the rights to produce her navicella, a glass … Continue reading

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Is My Passion Misguided?

“This is a city of mazes. You may set off from the same place to the same place every day and never go by the same route” (p. 49). That’s from┬áThe Passion by Jeanette Winterson, a novel set partly in … Continue reading

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Quattro Minuti con Casanova: San Canzian

Two stories for the price of one today! Packed into your (slightly less than) four minutes of Casanova fun, you’ll hear some details about Casanova’s love affair with young Caterina Capretta–how he passed messages to her via a go-between, … Continue reading

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We Love Independent Bookstores!

Independent Bookstore Day was last Saturday, and I celebrated in a few ways! I started the day at Recycle Books in San Jose, to pick up a book my friends had recommended. The owner, Eric, also graciously agreed to carry … Continue reading

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The Coronation

On this date in 1597, Venice beheld a spectacle like none other. Four hundred ladies, wearing the finest fabrics, pearls, and laces that La Serenissima had to offer, accompanied Morosina Morosini Grimani on her procession to be crowned the dogaressa. … Continue reading

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