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The Jesus-Gondola Connection

“Do Not Play Jesus — Take a Gondola” I’m not sure where I came across this line–maybe Venetian graffiti, maybe and overheard conversation. I had scribbled it on a receipt and then found it today while cleaning. Here are some … Continue reading

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Gondola Set

Check out this snazzy gondola station. It sits in a unique location between the Rialto Bridge, San Giorgio Maggiore and Oakland’s Lake Merritt. Doesn’t it look like the set of a high school play, except over the water?

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To Burlesque Oneself

In researching stuff, I often come across other stuff. Stuff that’s pretty funny or intriguing. The latest is about the various Italian Academies that existed from the Renaissance on for a couple hundred years. These were gatherings, usually in patrician … Continue reading

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Ever Seen a Venetian Outhouse?

Most Venetian buildings are a few centuries old, at least. Built before indoor plumbing. So a sort of simple fix was to hang the water closet off the outside wall! But where did the water closet waste go? I bet … Continue reading

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Random Venice Journal Entry #2

Remember this image: Piazza San Marco dusk has just fallen and there’s only the slightest hint that there was light in the sky maybe a skant fifteen minutes ago. In front of the Campanile entrance is a group of Greeks … Continue reading

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