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Where Am I?

This one might be too easy….

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Venice Spawns a New Word

If you know any motorcyclists, or if you ride yourself, then you’ve probably heard the term lanesplitting. It’s when a motorcyclist rides between the slower rows of cars and other vehicles, straddling the painted line. It’s actually illegal in most … Continue reading

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Luisa Bergalli Gozzi

I was walking by the Linea d’Acqua bookstore when this caught my eye:   Okay, so it’s some old book. But one name jumped out at me. I was in Venice to study Italian but also to finish up some … Continue reading

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Quattro Minuti con Casanova: Campiello Querini Stampalia

Here’s the last of February’s Quattro Minuti videos. I have more to come, that I filmed this summer! The Campiello Querini Stampalia has two Casanova sites–a palace and a pleasure apartment (well, the palace was pretty pleasurable too!) Casanova had … Continue reading

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Dr. Kiss Fish

People warned me, “Don’t do it!” “It’s a scam.” It’s disgusting.” But finally my curiosity got the better of me and I entered the realm of… duh duh duh… Dr. Kiss Fish. Apparently these place are in many cities and … Continue reading

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The Blue of Sant’Erasmo

I’ve been coming to Venice for 18 years and have made it out to some of the other islands, but it took me this long to finally visit Sant’Erasmo, where lots of Venice’s fresh produce is grown. My classmate Jo’anne … Continue reading

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Felze Adventures

As I’ve been wandering Venice this summer, I occasionally come across a gondola tucked away here and there–I mean a historic gondola, one no longer in use. On Giudecca, near the boatyards, there was this one: Then in the courtyard … Continue reading

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The Face of Raaawwrrr

There are a million lion faces around Venice, since it’s the symbol of St. Mark, the patron of Venice. Here’s a sampling of some from the Museo Correr. I If these guys were protecting my city, I’d be a bit … Continue reading

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Love for Santa Marta

Last night I went back to the Festa di Santa Marta, at the far left corner of Venice. I met up with Jo’Anna, my Dutch classmate, and we had long conversations about architecture, writing, stress (and how to have less … Continue reading

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Disembodied Hands

Disembodies hands floating before the church altar. That’s what I saw last night, or thought I saw. Actually, it was the screen they had set up to project the image of the organist playing at the church of San Trovaso. … Continue reading

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