Venice, Wish You Were Here #9


April 24, 1965

Dear Mother–We are still touring Italy but we had to park the car and take a boat when we got here. Spent Easter with Evo’s mother and then took off again in another direction. Having fun. –Love, Lois + Evo

How can you visit Venice and say nothing more about it than that you had to park the car and take a boat? Umm, what about the palaces? gondolas? Doge’s Palace or Rialto Bridge, to say the least? or the tiny, labyrinthine streets, lounging cats, afternoon ombra, fish market, cicchetti, bridges bridges bridges, the sun reflecting off the water into your dazzled eyes? Come on, Lois, you can do better than this!

Btw, what were you doing on April 24, 1965? That was probably the week I was conceived. And what are you doing today, April 24, 2020? Are you in Venice being dazzled?


Notice that the gondola on the right still has a felze to keep sun off passengers’ faces.

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6 Responses to Venice, Wish You Were Here #9

  1. Bert says:

    That was probably the week I was conceived. – Ew! TMI!
    To describe the wonders of Venice would take more than the back of one postcard, Kathleen.
    Especially when written in block capitals.

  2. Nancy W. says:

    I was nearing the end of my junior year in high school in 1965. This April I wish I were anywhere but stuck in my house but I expect there aren’t too many places right now where one could roam freely. And I agree; the writer seems to see Venice as a place to check off a list, not a place to savor.

    • Junior high–for many of us, better to be forgotten! I hope yours was better than mine. We know better about Venice and that it is to be savored, especially now as we pine for it.

  3. I was living Firenze. I might have been in Venezia on that date, as I often hitch-hiked up and down the country. Yes, hitchhiking was an acceptable mode of travel in the 60’s. Viva Italia!

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