Autumn With An Author: Kathleen Gonzalez

Grazie mille to Valentina Cirasola for interviewing me for her blog! She created such interesting questions with ideas I hadn’t pondered before. I hope you’ll also check out her blog and books and find more to love about Italy and Venice.

Valentina Expressions

I have loved Venice since the beginning of my time, in fact, with all the lives I lived, I know to have been there in the 1700s, therefore anyone who writes about Venice becomes my hero instantly. I met author Kathleen Gonzalez from San Jose, CA, many years ago though the Little Italy organization I am a member of. Her writing about Venice takes me back to so many familiar places, emotions and experiences. I will let her tell the story.

Kathleen Gonzalez – Photo credit: Marie Ohanesian Nardin

  1. Your latest novel “A Beautiful Woman In Venice” portraysVenetian women from the Middle Ages to the end of the Republic. Previously you wrote other books about Venice. Where did the love of Venice come from?

I first fell in love with Venice when I visited it with my students in 1996. Within minutes of seeing the Grand Canal and the palaces…

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6 Responses to Autumn With An Author: Kathleen Gonzalez

  1. Valentina says:

    Thank you, Kathleen, you are doing great work to keep Venice’s history alive.

  2. Nancy W Schwalen says:

    What a wonderful assessment of your work and your love for Venice. Brava! (And my life-changing experience is living in Japan for a year. It made me open to other cultures and helped me to learn to appreciate the richness of other cultures.)

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